6 Nov





Meet one of our friend. We went to her house and build a photo studio set up in her house. Check out the great result from a mobile studio by Simpuru. The question is, why do you have to go to photo studio anymore, if the studio could come down to you.



Well, price is a bit more pricey for a mobile studio rather then a static studio, but is all worth it. For sure, It feels more comfortable to do a photo shoot in your own house, you don't have to running around the hood to do a lot of things. If you need to go the bathroom, or if you forget to bring your diploma, wait for it... you are at your own house! If you are not a morning person, guess what, sleep some more, while we set the whole house for you. The great news for us, the photographer, it will be easier to set the mood in place. The clients are already in their comfort zone, all we have to do is to direct and throw a few shoot here and there. Nevertheless, there's nothing we can do about the price, however, a little bit of advice, if it to pricey, why don't you share the cost with some friends?



Other big benefits of having a mobile studio, is of course speed. While other photo studios might need more time to process their work, because of many clients in their hands, Simpuru mobile studio have a great benefits to offer. The less our customers are, the more attention we can give to each client that we have. Next, we would able to work faster, and also provide a high quality result. To conclude this for you in an easy term, you'll get your result faster and better.


There are still many benefits in shooting in your own home. But I believe these two are the most important ones. I hope you would enjoy looking at our shoots and give us a call if you are interested. Smile, click.








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